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3 CVSM Faculty present papers in Vet Confabs

Three faculty members of the College of Veterinary Science and Medicine (CVSM) presented papers in the 16th Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations (FAVA) Congress 2011 and the 78th Philippine Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) Annual Convention and Scientific Conference held at Cebu Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Lahug, Cebu City last February 16-18.

The theme of the joint convention was “Convergence and Cooperation in Addressing Global Animal Health, Free Trade and Environmental Issues”. Dr. Romeo S. Gundran, dean of CVSM, presented a paper entitled “Strengthening

Veterinary Field Capacity through the Applied Veterinary Epidemiology Training (AVET) Program in the Philippines” at the plenary session of the first day of the FAVA Congress. The paper was co-authored by Dr. Carolyn C. Benigno, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand, and Dr. Imelda J. Santos, Veterinary Health Specialist, TCP/ PHI/3204 (E), FAO Philippines. Dr. Gundran discussed to foreign and local delegates the capacity building effort of the FAO since 2006, in preparation for any event of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) in the Philippines.

The AVET Program, a practical training course on the principles of epidemiology, disease surveillance, outbreak investigation and animal health program management, according to Dr. Gundran, was launched as “an appropriate response to strengthening the capacity of field veterinarians” in the country.

Dr. Gundran serves as one of the members of the AVET teaching team, which consists of academicians, government and FAO staff. Three have been four AVET programs, the latest batch of which is presently on-going.
Dr. Clarissa Yvonne J. Domingo, faculty member of CVSM and chair of the Master of Veterinary Studies, presented and discussed “Prevalence and Risk Factors of Zoonotic Protozoa among Smallholder Livestock Farmers in Aurora Province” during the oral paper break-out session of the FAVA Congress. The research is cross-sectional study that determined the prevalence and risk factors of zoonotic pathogenic protozoa among animal handlers engaged in small holder livestock farming and their animals in Aurora province.

Aside from Dr. Gundran and Dr. Domingo, Dr. Roderick T. Salvador and two other CVSM faculty members, Dr. Fely Manaois II and Dr. Fredelon Sison, also attended the 16th FAVA Congress 2011. Dr. Roderick T. Salvador, chair of the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, presented his research entitled “Epidemiology of Subclinical Mastitis in Water Buffaloes” in the PVMA Technical Session held on February 18. The study was a retrospective analysis using records of lactating Bulgarian Murrah buffaloes subjected to California Mastitis Test (CMT) at the Philippine Carabao Center Genepool from September 2006 to June 2009 to identify factors that may influence the occurrence and recurrence of subclinical mastitis.

Meanwhile, the faculty members who attended the aforementioned PVMA activity were Dr. Darlene Fe Castro, Dr. Jonathan Lazaro, Dr. Froilan Matias, Dr. Noraine Medina and Dr. Rodolfo Medrano, Jr.





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