Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Program
1. Grade Point Average of 2.25 or better in the first year
2. Passing the interview and qualifying examination conducted by the college admission committee
3. Submission of duly accomplished application form and four copies of two 2" x 2" photos
4. Passing the National Veterinary Admission Test for the DVSM program

1. Certificate of Honorable Dismissal and Transcript of Records
2. Certificate of Good Moral Character issued by the dean or director of student services of the school last attended
3. Compliance with the general admission requirements of the university and those of the college

Foreign Students
1. Presentation and submission of authenticated passport and visa
2. Alien Certificate of Registration
3. Study Permit
4. Transcript of Records
5. Certificate of Eligibility for Admission issued by the CHED
6. Complying with the general admission requirements of the university
7. All other government requirements
8. Students from countries where English is not a medium of instruction must pass the English proficiency test administered by the Department of English and Humanities

Graduate Program
A degree in DVM/DVSM or its equivalent from a recognized institution.
Submission of the following:
1. Duly accomplished application form
2. Original or authenticated transcript of records showing a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 or its equivalent.
3. Applicants with GPA below 2.0 may be admitted on a probationary status if recommended by the department chair and approved by the dean after thorough review of the applicant's qualification to do graduate work.
4. Two letters of recommendation from former professors in the undergraduate course.