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Dr. Clarissa Yvonne J. Domingo, a faculty of the College of Veterinary Science and Medicine, has received several awards from professional bodies and institutions after she finished her doctoral degree from the University of the Philippines at Manila last April 22, 2010. During the recognition ceremonies, Dr. Domingo received a plaque of recognition from the UP College of Public Health, SEAMEO-Trop Med Regional Center for Public Health, Hospital Administration and Environmental & Occupational Health for the highest academic performance in the Doctor of Public Health program, Class 2009-2010. The next series of awards followed thereafter.

Last May 26-27, 2010, Dr. Domingo received the BEST PAPER Award for completed Non-Operational Research and simultaneously the BEST PRESENTER Award during the 2010 In-House Review of the Philippine Carabao Center held at the PCC National Headquarters and Gene Pool. Next was another recognition given by the CLSU Research, Extension and Training on May 28, 2010 where she received the BEST PAPER Award for her dissertation during the 22nd Agency In-House Review of Completed and On-Going R & D Projects held at the RET Amphitheater.

domingo cvsmThe paper presented by Dr. Domingo in both occasions was her dissertation entitled “Prevalence and Risk Factors of Zoonotic Protozoa among Small Holder Farmers in Aurora Province”. The cross-sectional study was done in three municipalities of Aurora province namely, Baler, Maria Aurora and San Luis. Around 684 farmers together with representative samples from each of their livestock were examined. Results identified two zoonotic protozoa infections (Cryptosporidium parvum and Blastocystis hominis) affecting the gastrointestinal tract of both farmers and their livestock using microscopy and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Other zoonotic infections found in the blood DNA samples of animals but not detected among farmers were two foodborne protozoa (Toxoplasma gondii and Sarcocystis spp) in cats and dogs and one arthropod-borne protozoa in cattle and carabaos (Trypanosoma evansi). After controlling for confounders among the probable farm risks, the presence of excreta in the vicinity of the drinking water source and raising moderate to large herd size in the farm were found to be significantly associated with the enteric infection among farmers. History of diarrhea in the farm for the past year was highly associated with the enteric infection among cattle and goats. The presence of scavengers (cats and rats) in the animal pens and fodder was significantly associated with the infection among chickens and carabaos. Finally, having access to natural bodies of water was highly associated with the infection among chickens.

Lately, the Veterinary Practitioners Association of the Philippines recognized the research achievements of Dr. Domingo and awarded her THE MOST OUTSTANDING VETERINARIAN OF 2010 IN VETERINARY RESEARCH. This was given on the 10th day of June, 2010, at the Heritage Hotel Manila, during the 38th Annual Scientific Conference. On the same occasion, Dr. Domingo was invited to present her dissertation.

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