LEAP caters 209 reviewees for 2016 VLE

A total of 209 registered reviewees were being catered by the Licensure Examination Assistance Program (LEAP) for the year 2016.
Eighteen (18) out of twenty (20) veterinary schools in the Philippines were represented in this year's batch with the following registered reviewees per school: Aklan State University (3), Benguet State University (13), Capiz State University (1), Cavite State University (1), Central Luzon State University (49), Central Mindanao State University (5), Cagayan State University (12), De La Salle Araneta University (58), Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University (7), Isabela State University (6), Nueva Vizcaya State University (5), Pampanga State Agricultural University (5), South Western University (10), Tarclac College of Agriculture (7), University of Eastern Philippines (5), University of Southern Mindanao (4), Virgen Milagrosa Foundation University (12) and Visayas State University (3).

Because of the huge number of participants, this year's reviewees were divided equally into two blocks (Block A and Block B) with simultaneous review sessions at ODQ Hall and Room 717. To ensure of the same quality lectures being delivered, same lecturers on both blocks were tapped to give the review.
Eight veterinary licensure exam subjects were reviewed in the eight-week review program which formally started last May 23. One subject per week were focused with corresponding mock exams to measure the progress of the participants.
Aside from the lecture-type review, LEAP is also providing assistance to the exam application process and other concerns related to this year's veterinary board exam.
LEAP is headed by Dr. Errol Jay Y. Balagan together with Dr. Jaypee A. Abenoja, Dr. Marvin Bryan S. Salinas and Dr. Paul A. Cardenio as coordinators. The review program will last until July 15, 2016. The 2016 Veterinary Licensure Exam is scheduled on August 23-25.---Errol Jay Y. Balagan


The reviewees during the welcome and opening program of LEAP 2016 at the RET Amphitheater last May 23, 2016.



Some of the reviewees from De La Salle Araneta University wearing the official LEAP 2013 Shirt.



Reviewees under Block A during the Mock Exam at ODQ Hall.



Reviewees under Block B during the Mock Exam at Room 717.