CVSM Batch ’79, Block 24 reunites anew

Sponsored by the Central Luzon group and led by the Batch President, Dr. Roselito Baylon, Block 24 of Batch '79 from the College of Veterinary Science and Medicine- Central Luzon State University gathered once again for a reunion where they reminisced their past, pondered on their present and planned for the future.

A total of 27 alumni attended the one-day event. The day commenced with a short program at the Oscar D. Quines Hall which started with a prayer of Dr. Romeo Gundran then followed by the recognition of attendees by Dr. Lucia Rigos and welcome address from the College Alumni Coordinator, Dr. Noraine Medina. They had a glimpse and took photos not only of and with their batchmates but also of the progress that the college had experienced throughout the years.

The party continued at the Alumni Hostel where the group had sumptuous lunch with "lechon" topping the list of numerous foods and delicacies. This second part of the reunion was capped with a video presentation of pictures of their old yet happy college days which was indeed a delight to many.
Afterwards, a business meeting ensued for them to contemplate and discuss on which among the proposals for the improvement of the college facilities and support to faculty/student engagements they could generously sponsor. The batch unanimously decided to back the renovation and development of the thesis defense room/graduate student's room.
It could be recalled that this batch were also the ones who donated the galvanized college façade marker as well as the university gate marker. Their radiating virtues of gratitude and openhandedness are really worth emulating as they truly exemplify the saying "Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinangalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan".- Noraine P. Medina









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