Vision and Mission

The ultimate measure of the effectiveness of Central Luzon State University
as an institution of higher learning is its contribution to and impact on the
educational, economic, social, cultural, political and moral well-being
and environmental consciousness of the peoples it serves.


CLSU as a world-class National Research University for
science and technology in agriculture and allied fields.


CLSU shall develop globally competitive, work-ready, socially-responsible
and empowered human resources who value life-long learning;
and togenerate, disseminate, and apply knowledge and
technologies for poverty alleviation, environmental
protection, and sustainable development. 




The College of Veterinary Science and Medicine as a premiere veterinary institution dedicated to service and excellence


To develop globally-competitive graduates equipped with skills for optimum animal health and production

Goals of the College of Veterinary Science and Medicine

1. Provide an excellent comprehensive professional veterinary curriculum at the undergraduate and graduate level, educate the students in the broad field of veterinary science, encourage analytical and critical thinking, and prepare students for life-long learning and professional growth;
2. Maintain its distinction as a Commission on Higher Education (CHED)- recognized Center of Excellence in veterinary education in the Philippines;
3. Ensure quality assurance in the college services and operations through national/international accreditation or certification;
4. Promote excellence in research and extension to contribute to the improvement of animal health and production, promotion of public health, and environmental protection, under the broad concept of "One Health";
5. Provide conducive environment that fosters creativity, team work, and enhanced scholarly activity among faculty, staff and students;
6. Develop and improve facilities and services for teaching, research, training and extension, and production to educate students, promote and support research, and train specialists in animal health and management;
7. Provide continuing professional education, extension services, and consultation for alumni, veterinarians and the greater community.


Objectives of the College of Veterinary Science and Medicine


General Objectives
Generally, to provide a veterinary program that produces well-balanced veterinarians, knowledgeable in animal production, welfare and One Health.


Specific Objectives
1. To attain at least 95% compliance on CHED policies, standards and guidelines and enhance knowledge, skills and values among students;
2. To maintain the stringent admission and develop workable retention policy for veterinary students;
3. To provide assistance in the student preparation for the veterinary licensure examination by conducting a yearly Licensure Examination Assistance Program (LEAP);
4. To strengthen linkages with at least 75% of CVSM Alumni, and establish new collaborations with private and government agencies at local, national and international levels, every year;
5. To upgrade the laboratory equipment and teaching facilities annually;
6. To maximize opportunities for yearly continuing professional growth and development of all faculty members;
7. To enhance team spirit among faculty and staff through semestral teambuilding.







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